“Is there a god?”

In a blog (“Can Devices be Intelligent?“)   I read recently, the author  asks at the end of his post whether such a device would be able to contemplate the question,  “Is there a god?”

An AI device would not be able to answer either because it is either programmed by us or if it thinks on its own can not be more logical than we are.  Because the question has nothing to do with logic. I think a god fills the need of human beings to find someone responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. Believers think it is only him / her who can change things around.

I personally think it is better not to have a god because mankind should finally grow up and take responsibility for its actions. If there was a god we would blame him / her for everything and would tear him / her down as we do already with elected officials who do not fulfill our expectations. Jesus lasted only five days from Sunday to Friday.

Pope Francis in his encyclical said humanity’s “reckless” behavior has pushed the planet to a perilous “breaking point.”. He asked for  the cooperation of all people to build a better world. This is taking responsibility.


5 thoughts on ““Is there a god?”

  1. I tend to agree. If believing in God caused human beings to act more ethically, I would see some value in religion. If anything religion seems to motivate people to discard morality and ethics.

  2. God? A reason not the contemplate on all those unanswerablez that are answered by a god or gods. Too easy having a god or the one god. I know there are the godly who do contemplate these things and for the true believers there is some ‘peace’ but having ethics and a sense of oneness and not needing to have beginings or endings or a godhead is so liberating I love the concepts of infinity and other dimensions of removing the ‘good’ and ‘evil” from the equation and being left with an ethical responsibilty for our actions that is down to us and nature without a god who interferes and oversees with some ridiculous omnipotense.

    • The attributes we have given to our gods are hard to follow, the goodness hard to achieve. To be a better person the German playwright and poet Friedrich Schiller said, “Draw near to the God whom you have in your mind!” which is quite different from what the bible says, ” Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.

      • At least the old ones (gods that is) had flaws and made mistakes. They played up in Greece, Mesopotamia and even Valhalla! I like your Schiller quote it speaks of meditation and coming closer to your own form of betterment.

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