Dawn of Justice?

Today, on my FaceBook page, I received a message from my favourite cinema in Sydney. They want me to  see,  “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” when it opens next year.

Well, I won’t. 

I’ll  give that movie a miss. It is absolutely childish to believe in a fantasy figure who can bring justice into this world. Why does Hollywood want us  to believe that a miracle is just around the corner? The dark forces in our societies are the ruling classes and the property owners who are just a bunch of rent seekers.  

As soon as you get rid of one group of those bloodsuckers, another group is taking over. Superman, or a revolution, is not the solution. Movies about it give us false hope and we are paying for it as well with our hard earned dollars. Even illusions cost money.  

I noticed the accompanying trailer has been viewed almost 8 million times!!!

Most of them, I assume, will be eager viewers of the movie and they can’t wait. So, they are having a foretaste.  A few, like me, are having a peek to get a grip on it and what it is all about.

Do we really think Superman or Batman could be our saviours? The Jewish people believe fervently in a Messiah. They are awaiting a king of the Jews, a kind of superhero; the promised and expected deliverer of the Jewish people and destroyer of their enemies.

There was one, Jesus of Nazareth, but he did not measure up and  he told them, to turn the other cheek. This is not justice as they understood it. Superman a pacifist? Not very likely!

They were more inclined like the modern cinema goer. They wanted someone who can destroy buildings, and indeed  (evil) empires with one punch with his fist. A King Hit or Sucker Punch is often seen  as a weapon of the protagonist to deal with an unfair situation. 

Drastic times ask for drastic action people think. That is why superheroes are so popular.

After WW 1 the German people felt humiliated and when a new hero appeared from another land (or planet) they thought he will restore their dignity. Of course, he only gave them false hope and a further humiliation awaited them.

Doesn’t the question arise why a cartoon character should be better in restoring justice than an imagined god? Further, we have to ask, what is justice; and justice for whom?

Justice for all is only a pipedream. Poetic justice to me seems only to be  possible in literature and  in Hollywood films; like the old Western. In real life, it remains a pipedream and lingers on in the darkened confines of the cinemas around the world.

But it was always like that. Cinema is “Illusion” and it was right from the beginning when the ever so smart Berliners coined the word “Kintopp” for it.

14 thoughts on “Dawn of Justice?

  1. Cinemas are soothsayers, they ease your brain, make you forget reality for a while and give you some false hopes.

    They rarely try to do things for society because no one will watch such movies, they will be too grim and depressing.

    • There are films that are not only for the entertainment of the masses. Yesterday we saw such a film, “The Last Station” (about Tolstoy). That doesn’t mean we will reject Bollywood films. We love them as they are so optimistic. The other day we saw “Bend it like Beckham” and it had an element of Bollywood in it. It showed us that the participants had fun making the movie which had the conflict of cultures as its core.

      • I rarely watch Hindi movies they are too immature for us, who live in India and know it well 🙂

        I once in a while watch one, I love movies that leave something behind in mind worth keeping. My favorite are horror, fantasy and ones that has an animal as one of the lead characters like born free, free willy etc. (not the ones which love to kill “monstrous” animals though- moby dick, Godzilla etc).

  2. We saw “The last Station” yesterday. And we saw Ingmar Bergman’s “Fanny and Alexander” the other day. These are some movies that I like. Both movies happen to be somewhat biographical. Maybe this is an indication it does not have to be make-believe all the time and can deal with some social questions and still be a cinematic delight and very entertaining. I am not against make believe movies as such since I like for instance Bollywood movies, but Batman/Superman is just not for me.

    • You are right Aunty and thanks for your comment. The film “Fanny and Alexander” was a good one. It dealt with social problems within a family. Perhaps we can learn something from others by observing them.

  3. It seems the worse things get economically and politically, the more the corporate media would have us retreat into a fantasy world. They use superheroes and vampires to distract us from reality that they’re stripping us of all our rights.

  4. Even so, ” Far from the madden Crowd” lifted our hearts. Sure, it is Thomas Hardy and that means yeomen, thatchers, crofters, England and its snobbishness but… and…romantic love. We liked it very much.
    I have never watched Batman or films like that. The closest to that would have been Rin Tin Tin or Jules Verne’s 20 000 leagues under the sea..

  5. I concede that movies are a form of entertainment and escapism. But I cannot see the sense of leading kids to think that there is a magical quick fix to mega problems. Violence in the name of justice? Superheroes insult our intelligence….. I think you can tell I won’t be seeing this movie

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