Last evening this message from my daughter Caroline came up on my FB site:

Work for the day and the week done. Social media for the day done. Time for some dinner and a glass of red to start a rejuvenating weekend. Have a good one everyone”

What did the message say? That she was happy with her achievements of the week? It almost sounded like the Bible and that the Lord was happy when he “saw it  was good” and now it was time for the Sabbath. She hoped to rejuvenate when she would  face the tasks in  the next week.

That is how it should be; work and rest in the right proportions.

As an aged pensioner, I do a lot of rejuvenating already and I can tell you,  it is not easy. I’m using a lot of energy just doing the rejuvenating. But actually, I’m not rejuvenating att all. I’m aging whatever I do.

When I was a youngster and just starting out with my working life I too looked forward to the weekends. It was time to meet up with friends and chasing girls. On Sundays, we dressed up in our finest.

A trench coat was compulsory on a rainy day. Three friends at a local festival (I'm the one on the right)

A trench coat was compulsory on a rainy day. Three friends at a local festival (I’m the one on the right)

Cinema was the big thing and they just invented CinemaScope. The big picture really hit us when the curtain opened. The first film of this type I saw was “The Robe” with Victor Mature. In those days, I loved historical films. Even if they were not entirely true depictions of the events, they nevertheless fired our imagination.

Now, Sundays are like any other day  we try to rejuvenate. There is one exception, I refuse to go shopping on a Sunday! Still, we have to adjust some of our activities to the work life of others.

In two weeks time, we will take the (slow) train to Melbourne. There is no fast train as our governments don’t like working for the future  and the joke is, that they call the train, “Interstate Express”.

Next Saturday we will go to the theatre in Sydney. We will see “The Bleeding Tree” by Angus Cirini. I will write a blog about it, but here is one sentence Angus Cirini says, The primary role of government is not to manage the economy it is to allow for a healthy society to flourish.”  Well, I think governments have forgotten this lesson or they just ignore it.

Here is what the Griffin Theatre writes about the play:

In a dirt-dry town in rural Australia, a shot shatters the still night. A mother and her daughters have just welcomed home the man of the house – with a crack in the shins and a bullet in the neck. The only issue now is disposing of the body.

Triggered into thrilling motion by an act of revenge, The Bleeding Tree is rude, rhythmical and irreverently funny. Imagine a murder ballad blown up for the stage, set against a deceptively deadly Aussie backdrop, with three fierce females fighting back.”

We have our next two weekends  covered and they are “footy-free”.

9 thoughts on “Weekend

    • Indeed, it does. Thank you for commenting, Robert.

      The perception now is, that we are on a roller coaster. The speed is increasing at an alarming rate.

      I can remember when the next weekend was miles away. A whole week was a vast timespan. Now, Sundays come seemingly at daily intervals.

  1. The Robe was also one of my first cinemascope adventures, after that Quo Vadis, The King and I and lots more. I never had a trench coat but do remember wearing ties and casual coats. I have always liked week-days more than Sundays, although I did look forward to the Saturday.
    I must also admit I have never been to a footy show either, but have been to an Easter show when it was still on at Randwick.
    We saw Chekov’s Seagull many years ago, and also a one man play were the actor was laying on a bed for the entire show. I have forgotten the name of it. The actor was brilliant..

  2. You might be interested to know, that they started to film “The Seagull” this year in New York.

    Let’s see what the Americans make of it.

    The man on the bed, was it Kafka’s, ” The Metamorphosis”?

    • After a lot of thinking and doing some research, I finally cracked it Peter. It was a play named; The elocution of Benjamin Franklin’ with Gordon Chater.
      He might better be remembered by “the Mavis Bramston show”.

      • Gordon Chater was a great actor. The Mavis Bramston show was the best Channel 7 ever did. They should revive it. As an antidote to the stupidity of the Abbott government.

  3. I am a big fan of fantasy, sci fi and horror 🙂 Cant have enough of 1,3 about the 2 there are too many dull sci fi movies these days so… I skip quite a few. Just take peeks when my brother watches and watch the full movie only if it impresses me.

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