Where are my Things?


The day came to an end. Jack, ever so reluctantly, was ready to go to bed. He hated  getting ready for bed. Normally, it took him  about thirty minutes, and by the time he was hitting the sack, his wife was fast asleep.

He should have got ready earlier while his wife Betty was asleep in front of the TV, not watching the  show she  was  desperate not to miss. Jack  did not like the show, but he watched it anyway  to be with his wife. When it was over and he switched off the TV,  the sudden silence  brought Betty back to life. She announced it was time to go to bed, and she disappeared into the back of the house.

Jack knew that the window of opportunity, to use the bathroom, had passed. Betty had overtaken him in the race to the bed. Well, he cleaned up a few things and trundled to the bathroom when he noticed Betty entering the bedroom.

The look into the bathroom mirror confirmed to him that his face looked drawn and tired. He wanted to remove his bottom denture to clean it but found it wasn’t there. Where was his denture? Jack had completely forgotten, when and where he had taken it out.

“Betty, do you know where my dentures are?” he shouted to the bedroom.

Betty answered from the bedroom, “Do I have to look after your choppers, too?”

Jack could not hear what Betty was saying. and shouted back, “What did you say?”

“It seems to me, that  you are not using your hearing aid either?”

Jack had gone into the bedroom to be able to understand better what Betty was saying, “No, no, I mislaid them earlier and can’t find it. I need my glasses to look for the hearing aid.”

After a pause, in which he looked for his glasses, he said, “The bloody glasses are not where they are supposed to be.  – I’m sick of getting old and constantly searching for the things I need to be a full human being.”

Betty grabbed a book and told  him, to hurry up as she would not stay awake forever. Jack went back into the living room and searched for his hearing aid. It was not that he wanted to use it, but he wanted to put it into its proper place where he would be sure to find it in the morning. Order and consistency were important to him to find his way through the daily life. Everything has to be in the right place. Then he would be able to cope.  Everything else would be chaotic and create only stress for him.

He found his denture near his computer, his glasses were on top of the coffee machine.

What Jack found!

                                                  What Jack found!

After he finished, what he called his body maintenance, he came back into the bedroom where Betty was fast asleep with a book still in her hand. He carefully took the book out of her hands, switched off the lights. But sleep would not come easily. Thoughts were still racing in his head. He dreaded the morning when his creaking body would have difficulties getting into gear again.

At his age, every day was a bonus day, even if the bonus  was mixed  with the difficulties of  advanced age.



11 thoughts on “Where are my Things?

  1. Your story rings a bell. It sounds familiar. However, in our case losing things is generally shared. I lose my hearings aids and Helvi her sunglasses or special ear-rings. We fall asleep without the help of watching TV, and I generally enjoy waking up more than going to bed, fearful of a restless night.
    Good story Berlioz!

    • Thank you for commenting.

      I don’t fear a restless night. I sleep well. The dreams are disturbing sometimes. Last night, I dreamt of arriving at the airport to go overseas and I forgot to bring the flight tickets.

  2. Jack’s need for order or some maintainable pattern reminds me of my Dad’s situation. For months he seemed to be in chaos, but now, he seems to have found a meaningful routine and his life is easier.

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