Nothingness and Eternity



“Death” is the state of “not being” after we have been alive.

We have no word describing the time before we were born. But in fact, the condition of our non-being is exactly the same.

Therefore, we can say, we have “experienced” the nothingness  already; without being able “to know “.

“Death” will only be our return to nothingness.

Our angst, or fear, of death, results from us recognising the difference of being and not being.

Therefore, our fear of death is the proof of being alive!


What then is life?

It is but a break in eternity!

Time exist only for the living.

Being alive is standing on the crest of a wave, but inevitable the wave will fall back and unite with the ocean of eternity!


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4 thoughts on “Nothingness and Eternity

      • How would you know that for sure? There would be no evidence. If what you say is true how did we get here in the first place? Think of the illogic of this vast unfathomable complexity springing from an intellectual void nothing, not to mention the possibility of things like love and selflessness.

      • Thanks for commenting, Bruce Pridgen. You will have noticed that I put “to know” in inverted commas.

        In fact we know very little. We build our own little world from the little we know. Even scientist constantly update the scientific knowledge they have accumulated so far.

        We reserve love and selflessness for the people close to us. Altruism has survival value.

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