I’m a retired railway employee.

I live in Australia after coming here in 1959 as a migrant with a wife and two toddlers from Berlin, Germany.

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  1. Sir, I came upon your blog via Megan. You commented on hers last week. Your comments to her touched me considerably. Thanks for the words of encouragement through her. It’s great how the world works!


  2. Dear Peter, I have read your blog with interest. I am a writer in Sarasota FL with a German husband and three children. I saw that you might understand Suetterlin schrift. I was wondering if you would be willing to look at some scanned letters written during the war that have never been read since the war ended. They are in my property and belong to me and my family. I would be very grateful. Hope to hear from you with an email address! Tschuess und bis bald hoffenlitch, Erika aus Amerika http://www.pangaea.to

    • Dear Erika, thanks for your request. Yes I’m able to read Sueterlin the problem is often the handwriting itself. If you could put the scan into a Pdf file and send it me me at peter_hannemann@msn.com. I will do my utmost to rewrite it for you so you and your family can read this important letter.

      We learnt Sueterlin when we went to school in the first couple of years until Hitler became aware it was invented by a Jew. Then we had to learn to read and write again.

      I have a daughter of a cousin living in St. Peterburg Fl.

      Best Wishes for Christmas,


  3. Hello Peter,
    In recognition of your excellent observations and informative blog, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Though it sounds very impressive it’s a sort of mutual appreciation thing for bloggers. To confirm your agreement there is a process to go through. It takes up time, but doesn’t hurt. Follow the link to my site to see what it entails:

    Don’t feel obliged,


    • Sorry, I can’t help you there. I don’t know more than one can find in the history books of the 2.World War.

      Personally, I heard his name first during the dying days of the war, when there were rumors going through the beleaguered city that there will an “Armee Wenck” to come to our aid and who would push the Red Army out of Berlin.

      It was the first time that an army was called after her commander. There were some units put together, but it had no strength to do anything. It remained a phantom army.

      You find several passages in Anthony Beevoor’s “BERLIN – The Downfall 1945”.

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